Edukom was born in Pisa in 2003, by Dr. Simone Matteoli, in the field of computer science throughout the field and in various areas of Italy and Turkey. In 2012 it expanded to the tourist one by opening a Bed & Breakfast in Pisa and then also in Livorno. From that moment on, the tourism sector will increasingly involve assistance, computer assistance to various accommodation facilities. In 2016, the edukom joined the company, and in 2017 it began managing several Bed & Breakfasts, actively engaging its activity with his wife Didem, who increasingly assumed responsibility. List of some of the group’s accommodations:

In recent years, Edukom has provided technical support to public and private companies, professional offices, associations and private individuals, in its offices and at home. Over the years it has created several websites of various types and in various sectors. Another activity of Edukom is the creation of a network, cloud and server, management with electronic invoicing, low-cost security systems. Configure VoIP numbers, with switchboard or without, for every type of need. It remains one of the few companies that is also dedicated to repairs.